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Forum Code of Conduct

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The following Code of Conduct has been ratified by the 501st members of this forum.


• The 501st is an inclusive, equal-opportunity fan organization, and will not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, creed, nationality or physical handicap.

• Please keep all posts limited to a "PG" rating. While younger people normally don't read this forum, they might be reading over Mom or Dad's shoulder. Also, PG language often helps to keep tempers cool.

• Please try to keep posts as "on topic" as possible (i.e. related to events, activities, armor mods, general discussion, etc.). When posting a new topic or a response to a topic, please pause and think. Remember that your post will be visible to all Garrison and/or Base members.

• Please refrain from unnecessarily quoting previous posts when possible as a courtesy others.

• No flaming. If you really feel you must argue, KEEP IT OFF THE FORUMS. This includes no trolling or baiting (i.e. posting in such a manner as to intentionally provoke a negative response).

• No discussions of politics or religion.

• Please refrain from using "1337" or "txt" speak. While we are "for fun" organizations, the use of "cool" misspellings of words and abbreviations is both discouraged and frowned upon. This is a message board frequented by adults... not a mobile phone in the hands of a 13 year old.

• The contents of e-mail and personal messages are personal. If the original sender did not post it to this forum, DO NOT post copies or replies to this forum. If the situation warrants, privately inform your Garrison or Base Command Staff. If deemed necessary, the Legion Council may be notified as well.

• Controversial topics or situations that need resolution at the Legion Council level should not attempt resolution in general discussion areas. Posts that bring attention to these issues are permitted, but Moderators reserve the right to lock topics that are out of control and no longer productive due to excessive opinionated or repetitive posts.


• Please keep all "non-501st/Rebel Legion" sale / trade posts limited to our "General For Sale / For Trade" forum. Approved 501st and Rebel Legion merchandise should ONLY be offered to 501st and Rebel Legion members through the "Current Merchandise" and "Ongoing Merchandise " sections of this board, which are only visible to Legion members in good standing.

• Official merchandise is to be sold at cost, plus any applicable charges (Paypal fees, shipping, etc.). Exceptions to this rule may include a fundraiser where any profit goes to charity, or to fund promotional materials. Appropriate sales include official 501st or Rebel Legion merchandise bearing a Legion name or logo (including Garrisons, Bases, Squads, Outposts, Detachments, etc.) that has already been approved by the 501st or Rebel Legion Merch Officer. If you're not sure whether your merchandise qualifies as "official" or not, just ask the assigned Garrison Merchandise Officer or your CO.


Violators of any of these guidelines will be given 2 warnings, and offending posts may be edited or deleted. The 3rd violation will result in restricted posting abilities for a period of one week or greater, depending on the severity of the offending post(s). With an established history of violations that include restricted posting, repeat offenders may be placed on immediate posting restriction without warning. Severe violations such as blatant and hateful attacks may result in instant posting restrictions, without the benefit of a warning.

The moderators of this board will attempt to be as fair and unbiased as possible, and have been selected based upon their ability and demonstrated history to act as such; however, there are times when an individual may be made an example of. Don't be this person! The Moderators word is FINAL. Please do not aggravate or complicate a situation further by arguing over a decision to edit and/or moderate.